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Black man, [Edited]

I alightly altered my custom character’s face and the back of his jacket, (attempting” to make him look more uh…





Hell Yeah! here’s a little gift lol.


Enterbrain is… *sigh*

Enter brain is just TOO SLOW.

It takes 3 months to come with english release?

I’ve been stuck with the Japanese version and had to PERSONALLY TRANSLATE IT.

THEN they taunt you with bonus content when you pre-order.

Well SCREW THEM! Soon there will be some whore who posts the bonus content free of charge and up for grabs, and you know what? I’M GONNA TAKE IT. Not to mention 75$ to pre-order… that shit is gay. 

75$ is MORE than what I payed to buy SKYRIM. And That only cost me 40 DOLLARS!!!


For RPG Maker VX Owners

Before I knew of Ace I started this fun, quirky, little project I never finished.

Before my transition over to Ace I imported some stuff to make it look awesomer.

Today, I bring you this glorious piece of work to my wordpress blog, showing my very first project to the public. However there are things to note:

This project is ONLY compatible with the VX engine

This project ranges around 1 hour in completion time.

This project is UNFINISHED. There are only 2 bosses in the game, as the third dungeon was near completion but by then I found out about Ace and started on that instead.

Please do not be racially offended by this piece. The slang and jokes are mere jokes as I just used the terms for fun not to criticize.

This “demo” is HARD. I allowed a friend of mine to playtest and he said it was very difficult around the end. FORTUNATELY I weakened alot of the enemies including the bosses afterwards, so it would be somewhat simpler.

The last thing is… I have not forgotten this piece! I plan to convert the entire project to Ace and continue from there! Everynow and then I change things up and will eventually addon more places and dungeons to finish it before I transition it to Ace.


Please, enjoy!  << the link


*EXTRACT to “documents/RPGVX” Then extract the folder to the same location.*

The project name is CHARLES!!!


Lol how do I make picture in text box.

Just chillin’


I’m editing this new blog post so I don’t look like I just made an account!!! 😀