Before I knew of Ace I started this fun, quirky, little project I never finished.

Before my transition over to Ace I imported some stuff to make it look awesomer.

Today, I bring you this glorious piece of work to my wordpress blog, showing my very first project to the public. However there are things to note:

This project is ONLY compatible with the VX engine

This project ranges around 1 hour in completion time.

This project is UNFINISHED. There are only 2 bosses in the game, as the third dungeon was near completion but by then I found out about Ace and started on that instead.

Please do not be racially offended by this piece. The slang and jokes are mere jokes as I just used the terms for fun not to criticize.

This “demo” is HARD. I allowed a friend of mine to playtest and he said it was very difficult around the end. FORTUNATELY I weakened alot of the enemies including the bosses afterwards, so it would be somewhat simpler.

The last thing is… I have not forgotten this piece! I plan to convert the entire project to Ace and continue from there! Everynow and then I change things up and will eventually addon more places and dungeons to finish it before I transition it to Ace.


Please, enjoy!  << the link


*EXTRACT to “documents/RPGVX” Then extract the folder to the same location.*

The project name is CHARLES!!!